Tappy Toad

  • Type:
    Full-Cycle game development
  • Client:
    Simple Works Studios
  • Status:
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About This Project:

Tappy Toad is a casual game where players try to break their high score by jumping from lily lily pad to lily pad as a toad.

Goals of Client

Creating a casual game with a striking visual style that draws attention but is not distracting. Creating an addictive game loop and gameplay in which players test their reflection.

The client already had a clear picture of the project and already had a detailed GDD (game design document).

It was very important that the game should not be too difficult to reach a super wide audience, it was also important that the game did not consist of levels but an endless system, making every round an unexpected experience for the player.

Jacobs Development's solution

From the start, we discussed the game design document well with the client so that we knew exactly what the expectations were. This game development project was full-cycle; it was the intention that Jacobs Development would develop the game from start to finish, so we would need:

-Made the graphics for the game.
-Made the User Interface.
-Program the gameplay as described in the client's GDD.
-Creating the soundtrack.
-Completely bring all the above points together into 1 game.
-Creating the marketing for the game.
-Building and publishing the game through the client's Google Play and App Store connect accounts.

In order to work as efficiently as possible, we decided to split the different game development aspects between the different developers of Jacobs Development in order to make the graphics, gameplay, music, and user interface parallel.

After 2 months the game was finished and ready for review. During the development of the project we kept close contact with the client and often showed quick previews of the current progress.

The end result

An addictive casual game, currently available in the US, UK, and the Netherlands. And a great collaboration with the client, Simple Works Studios, with which we are already working on the 2nd project “arrow deflect”.

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