Endless Tunnel

  • Type:
    Full-Cycle game development
  • Client:
    Liam Davey
  • Status:
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About This Project:


In Endless Tunnel, players take control of a gigantic vortex to create a path between all kinds of obstacles so that a ball can safely reach the end of a level.

Goals of Client

Creating a Hyper Casual 3D game that is very attractive to play in order to secure a possible publishing deal with a large company such as Kwallee, Voodoo, or Ketchapp.

The client itself had no specific idea about the game mechanics, music, gameplay, or graphics, as long as the game is easily playable to appeal to a large audience and easily advertised.

Jacobs Development's solutions

Since the client had given us the freedom to develop the game, we first had to do thorough research within the Hyper Casual market in order to come up with concepts for the game.

After 2 weeks of research, we came to the conclusion that a hyper casual game consists of 4 elements:

-A achievable end goal for the player (levels) that lead to a satisfying end per level.
-Gameplay that seems very difficult, but is not really difficult. To give the player the impression that he / she is achieving something.
-Attractive, fast, and simple visuals to market the game well.
-Gameplay with a super basic concept that has not been used before.

With these 4 elements we started developing different prototypes each with unique gameplay. We then published these prototypes on Google Play, and advertised them to a small amount of users, so we could see which prototype was ultimately the most successful based on User Retention and CPI (cost per install).

At the end of this test we narrowed the prototypes to  3 successful games, of which the client could choose 1 to develop further.

The final choice fell on the prototype called “Vortex Rotate” (later endless tunnel). We then further developed this prototype with:

-New and improved graphics.
-A brand new User Interface.
-New content for the game based on levels.
-A number of unlockable characters that the player could save with in-game coins.

After the prototype became a full game, we worked on adding advertisements and creating marketing materials for the launch of the game.

At the same time Publisher Kwallee was interested in doing a marketing test for the game, which is currently still running.

The end result

An amazing game that is went above and beyond the expectations of the client. And a marketing test with a big publisher which is currently running.

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