Clean The Room

  • Type:
    Full-Cycle game development
  • Client:
    My Path Media
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About This Project:

Clean The Room is 1 of 5 prototypes developed for My Path Media. The game's goal is to clean rooms with a robot vacuum machine while avoiding collisions, players can collect cash to later upgrade their vacuum.

This project was made as a prototype ready to be tested by a publisher, we optimised the game's appearance to be more eye catching during a marketing run. We did this by using a colourful palette and plenty of animations that would be recognised by potential players.

Gameplay wise we fletched out how the game feels, we wanted to make something that feels smooth, responsive, and fun. We did this by placing strategic haptic feedback points (technology that can create an experience of touch by applying forces, vibrations, or motions to the user), these points would give the player a 3D immersion into the game, example of some of the haptic feedback points we placed are:

-When Collecting Cash.

-When Clicking important buttons. (start, next level).

-When crashing the vacuum into an objects.

We also decided to not include a home UI (user interface) screen, so the player can jump right into the game, we did however, clearly set apart direct gameplay and a "start screen", for instance, when the player first starts the game the control button, level information, and cash counter only appear after taping the screen. Besides removing the home UI we also did not include a traditional "game over" screen, instead, players will see a quick animation making clear they lost and are then immediately teleported back to the start of the level. By removing these UI's the player doesn't get punished for losing or starting the game by littering the screen with options, buttons, and logo's, players are instead encouraged to immediately  start or continue playing the game, in turn explosively increasing user retention.

The results:

Currently Clean The Room is being market tested by number of big publishers.

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