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Now available: Platformer Bits.
Platformer Bits is a game developed and published by Jacobs Development. Try to reach the end in this ultra-hard platformer game with over 120 custom made levels. The game uses minimalistic art so the player's attention is focused on the gameplay itself, this way the player isn't distracted.

Platformer Bits was made in 2 months using the Unreal engine, Affinity designer and adobe illustrator.

Mobile Games.


Is a 2d mobile game. It was made using the unity engine and was finished in 3 weeks.


Is 2d mobile game with a front facing perspective and was developed using unity.


Is 2D mobile game with a top facing perspective.
Working on: The Binny App.
The Binny App is a dutch app about sorting waste in different bins and containers. The player earns points for every corectly sorted piece of waste, but for every wrongly sorted piece you get a strike!

The game is being developed using the unreal engine and adobe photoshop.

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Featured: Terragama.
Terragama is a game developed by Jacobs Development. Players try to avoid objects in a 3d environment while beating their high score. Terragama is stated for launch in 2019.

The game is made using the unreal engine and magic voxel.
Work in progress.
These games are finished projects by Jacobs Development and will be published to all App Stores within the coming weeks.

Piclo is a mobile puzzle game developed by Jacobs Development. This project is slated for launch on 3-feb-2021

The museum project is a digital museum developed by Jacobs Development. This project is slated for launch on 6-dec-2020

The slogan quiz game is a project for mobile developed by Jacobs Development. This project is slated for launch on 7-okt-2020.

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