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Developing games for companies and individuals since 2017.

 We're an independent game studio based in The Netherlands, we make ideas work.

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About us

Jacobs Development is a team of 6 game developers, we're ready to develop, support, fix, or update your game.

  • 1
    Full-Cycle game development.
  • 2
    Ongoing support/maintainance for existing games.
  • 3
    Graphical Asset Creation (3D/2D).
  • 4
    Update your video game to fit modern standards.


Jacobs Development makes responsive games for mobile and desktop
Mobile game development.
Perfect for companies and individuals who want a 2D or 3D mobile game or experience.
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We develop games for desktop devices with custom art and music.
Desktop game development.
Perfect for companies and individuals who want a more complicated game for desktop and console devices.
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Jacobs Development is your one stop game development company. We offer full-cycle game development for companies and individuals.
Prototyping and Concept design.
For companies and individuals who want a 2D or 3D prototype of their game idea.
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We are your one stop game development company.

We do art, music, level design, animations, coding, version controls, and rollout to release, for new and existing projects.

We Work With:
Game Development Companies. Outsource game development to us.
We Work With:
Startups & Organizations. Our resources can be used to buildout your project.
We Work With:
Individuals. Have a game in mind? We can make your ideas work.

Services We Provide

Full-Cycle Video Game Creation.

Looking for a partner who can develop a video game for you?

We are the perfect choice! Projects made by us are produced entirely in-house by our graphic artists, programmers, level designer, and tester, this way we can develop your game completely full-cycle. With more than 40 completed projects, we are convinced that we can offer your company the best possible.


Contact and brainstorming.
Let's connect! Tell us more about your project, we're always available to call and discuss your project/idea.
Get Started


Free quotation.
After discussion your project in more detail we're more then happy to provide you with an obligation free quote.


Project Kickoff!
We work fast, and starting your project can be within 3 days after first contact. We work with clear deadlines and milestones, so you always know what to expect.
Game Updating
Your Property

Need to modernize, add content, or rework existing projects?.

We are available to arrange all that for you. With our knowledge of all current techniques in the game industry (including unity, unreal and buildbox) we can maintain and update your project with the current source code of the game.

Need a team that can update & maintain your game(s)?

1. Update using your technologies.
We can Update games build in the most populair engines.
2. No monthly fees.
We work with a fixed price for every update.
3. Daily updates.
You will be updated daily by your project manager.
Graphical Asset Creation

Need amazing graphics for your game?

We can do that for you! Our team consists of 3 artists (2x 2D, 1x 3D), we're always available to create art for your existing or future projects. We use Affinity Designer for 2D asset creation and blender for 3D asset creation. Projects are always delivered including the source code.

2D TopDown art for Simple Works Studios

2D TopDown art for Simple Works Studios

2D TopDown art for Simple Works Studios

2D TopDown art for Simple Works Studios

2D TopDown art for Simple Works Studios

2D TopDown art for Simple Works Studios

2D TopDown art for Simple Works Studios

2D TopDown art for Simple Works Studios

Publishing and Marketing

Want to reach more players for your game?

We worked with multiple publishers throughout the years, we know all the tips and tricks to market your game to be a success!
We offer:
Publishing Services.
If you're looking for a publisher, you've come to the right place. We offer support, marketing, and improvements for your game.
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We offer:
We are the perfect marketing partner for your project! We have published and advertised more than 40 games via google and facebook ads. Ready to reach a new audience?
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It's a fact:

We've finished over 40 projects successfully.

Why hire us?

100% in-house development.
Our team of 6 developers will work on your project.
Daily Contact & Post Project follow up.
We update daily regarding projects, by phone, mail, or whatsapp.
We work honest & transparent.
We only accept projects that we know we can complete.
Track progress.
We offer an amazing dashboard for all clients, to track progress on your project.
Want to hire us for your project?
Let's talk

We build, create, and design your game.

Fully Responsive

Your games will work on all shapes and sizes. So you can reach the largest audience
This game is full developed by Jacobs Development, including art, programming, and level design.
Jacobs Development offers custom art and music for the games we develop.

Custom art and music

Your game will be created using custom art, music and code. We use tools like Blender, Affinity designer and Adobe Photoshop to achieve this.
Get started

It's your idea, developed by us.

From start to finish.

How it works in 3 steps.


Contact and brainstorming. Use our great form to tell us more about you and your ideas.


Free quotation. After you told us more about your project you will receive an obligation free quote.  


Starting Development. we will start developing your game as soon as you decide to work with us.
Sit back and relax! 🎉

What makes Jacobs Development so special?


From start to finish.

We design, code and develop your game.
Full-cycle game development means that we make your game from start to finish, all the coding, art, music, and testing will be done by us. We keep close contact with you during the development of your game, so we know we're on the same page.
Your Property
Your Property

You own what you pay for.

You own your game, from the start of development to handover.
You can use your game for whatever purpose, we do not take a cut of your profit and will always continue to support your game with future updates and support.
Fixed Fee

No hidden costs.

When you decide to work with us you will get one fixed fee for the entire project.
We don't work with hourly rates, scaling costs, or hidden fees. Just one fixed price for the entire project, which you can pay however you like, with easy and honest payment terms.
Contact and Support

Even after the project is finished.

We keep contact to check if everything is alright.
We also keep contact while developing your game using quick methods like whatsapp, telegram, Facebook message, email, and phone. You also get access to your own dashboard where you can check development progress of your game, chat with the developer(s) directly, and download demo's of your game.

Ready to develop a game?

Simple and Friendly.

To get started simply tell us more about your game idea or contact us for more info, you will get a reply back from our friendly team within 1 hour (on weekdays).
Get Started
Need More Info?

Common Questions

If I want to develop a game what information do I need to give?
When interested in developing a game with us it's important to give us as much information about your project as possible. This way we can help you the best, of course, we value your creativity so we won't use your game idea in any way or form without your consent. Don't have an idea for a game? No worries, we're more then happy to brainstorm on new ideas with you.
How long does it take to develop a game?
Game development time depends on the project size and complication. For simple mobile games you can count on about 3 to 7 weeks of development, but for bigger 3d open world games it can take up to 1 year to fully develop it. Feel free to tell us more about your game idea via this form and we're more then happy to gave you an estimate project development time.
How do I change my game?
After your game is completed you will receive the source code, you can use this to edit the game in unity or unreal engine (depending on what engine the game is made). Of course, we can also update the game for you. We keep close contact with you during development, so we are sure that we're on the same page.
Do I own my game?
Yes, after we delivered the game you own it 100% and you can do whatever you want with it, you can also change the game itself. You will also receive all legal files of ownership.